Celebrities Who Like Anime

Celebrities have their eyes on the world as much as the world has its eyes on them. It means they too, cannot pass up the opportunity to watch creative content. Anime is a niche that has taken the globe by storm, which makes it unsurprising that many stars are diehard fans. While some bigwigs love to watch good anime, others prefer a more active role in the production of anime content.

The following is a list that is straightforward, unlikely, or downright shocking when it comes to celebrities who like anime.

Kanye West

kanye west likes anime

Apart from writing and composing songs, plus rapping, Kanye loves to watch anime. The celebrity once made it clear that Akira was his all-time top film. After a recent ranking, Kanye was not happy that Akira came behind a few other anime films. Another illustration of his love for the anime was when he borrowed its imagery for the “Stronger” video, which is one of Kanye’s top hits.

Samuel L. Jackson

samuel l jackson likes anime

There is a high chance you did not see this coming. Who would have thought the tough-looking/ acting Samuel has a fanboy side. Throughout his career, the actor has played many badass roles in different blockbuster movies. Even so, Samuel’s journey with anime begun way back when he did vocals for Afro Samurai. Currently, Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury for Marvel. His best anime films are Black Lagoon and Ninja Scroll.

Avril Lavigne

avril likes anime

Avril Lavigne seems to be no longer interested in skater boys. She now embraces anime pirates. Even if the famous singer has been on the low (musically) off late, she has participated in works for the anime One Piece. Avril’s wrote two songs, “How You Remind Me” and “Bad Reputation,” that became part of One Piece when it debuted in North America. The bubbly singer is also a big fan of “Make 5 Wishes,” which is a manga-inspired comic.

Zac Efron

zac efron is a fan of anime

Ever since his first movie, the High School Musical, Zac Efron has acted many other killer movies. Nonetheless, it is outside of Disney where the movie star would develop a liking for anime. He is a diehard fan of Death Note, which is a manga film. Zack has also played an active role in anime like The Greatest Showman and Baywatch.

Ronda Rousey

ronda rousey has an anime crush

Ronda’s love for anime is unique because she comes from the wrestling world. It is a sport that makes many assume a macho demeanor wherever they are. So, to hear that a WWE and UFC star like Ronda loves anime is quite welcome. The fighter says that Vegeta is her ultimate crush and she can’t get over franchises like Dragon Ball.

Megan Fox

megan fox is into anime

If you have watched Transformers, then you know that Megan Fox is a brilliant actor. One thing you might not know about the Hollywood starlet is that she is an otaku fan. Thanks to Adult Swim, Megan has developed a love for graphic and anime novels. It is something that she has been proud to point out whenever she gets the chance. Her love of anime started when she was a young girl watching cartoons at her parent’s home.

Anime is gaining a lot of traction around the world. Many people think that this is a niche for nerdy heads but the list above shows that things are entirely different. No one is too hardcore for good old anime content.