Can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps?

Are you a Snapchat newbie? If so, you might be wondering how to increase your Snapchat score. Interestingly, even those who have been on the social media platform for a while are curious about smart ways to increase their Snapchat score. 

Despite the rise of other social platforms, SnapChat has remained quite popular, attracting millions of users. What makes this app interesting in spite of the competition is the new, fun features that are regularly updated. 

The Snapchat score is one of these cool features. There are lots of hacks to increase your score but can your Snapchat score go up without opening snaps?

If you are curious about this, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for insider tips and tricks to grow your Snapchat score. 

How Does The Snapchat Score Work?

The Snapchat score is located next to your username. This little digit is a measure of your activity on the app. Anyone can view your score, and you can view other people’s scores. 

So, how does Snapchat arrive at this number?

The truth is, no one really knows precisely how Snapchat scores user activity. But, the digit is related to the number of snaps you receive and send and the stories added, among other factors.

Generally, Snapchat scores your activity on the app this way: 

When you receive a Snap, you get one Snapchat score.

  • For every snap you send to other users, you receive one point. Sending the same snap to multiple people will still earn you only one point.
  • Your score increases by one point when you post a snap on your story. You can imagine what happens when you share hundreds of snaps over time
  • When you resume activity on the app after being a way for a while, you get six points

Texting or watching stories on the app will not earn you any points. Your score will remain the same no matter how many messages you send to your friends on the platform. 

Keep in mind that it is quite normal to add all these points and get a different figure from the Snapchat score. This is because Snapchat uses other secret algorithms to rate user activity on the app.

There is a possibility that activities such as maintaining Snapchat streaks and adding new friends may earn you extra points. But, this is yet to be confirmed. 

Does Your Snap Score Increase With Unopened Snaps?

If you are wondering whether you can increase your Snapchat score even when you don’t open other users’ snaps, the quick answer is yes.

Your Snapchat score can go up without opening snaps. This is because opening snaps is not the only activity on the app that earns you points.

You can still receive a good number of points by sending a couple of dozen snaps, adding a snap to your story, and even adding friends who add you back. 

All these points add up to your total Snapchat score even without opening other users’ snaps. 

So, as you might have guessed, whenever you open an unread snap, your score goes up. This action earns you one point and beefs up your Snapchat profile.

So, does your snap score go up when you receive a snap or when you open it?

If you want to dramatically increase your score, you should open your friend’s unread snaps as soon as you receive them. You should open all your unread snaps and explore more Discover videos. 

At the same time, posting to your Snapchat stories is a fantastic way to increase your snap score. This is because every time users view your story and click on a snap, they are taken directly to your snap. 

So, the more people view your snaps the more popular you become on the platform, and the higher your snap score increases.

Can Your Snapchat Score Decrease?

While your Snap score can increase by being active on the platform, the quick answer is that the score cannot go down. No matter how long you stay inactive on the platform, your score will not decrease. What happens is that the score will remain the same until you resume your Snapchat activity on the platform.

Factors that affect your score include the number of snaps you send and receive, your friends list, the number of stories you post, and the number of people who view your stories. 

Adding people can also increase your score as long as these people add you back. If the people you add do not add you back or they do not respond to your message within 48 hours, your score will not go up; it will remain the same. 

If you are following lots of people on the platform but aren’t receiving snaps from them, or if these people aren’t following you back, this can negatively impact your snap score. Not that the score will decrease; it just means that the score will not increase as much as you would like.

So, to maintain a healthy score, try being an active user on the platform by posting daily snaps. Open unread snaps as soon as you can and also send as many snaps as possible. Posting on your story often will also skyrocket your score.

How To Check Someone Else’s Snap Score

What’s really great about the snap score is that it is pretty much transparent. Any user can easily see your score and you can see anyone’s score feature.

To find someone’s snap score, go to the chat screen with the person whose score you want to check. 

Next, tap on the circle icon or Bitmoji at the top left corner to open their public profile. You will see their snap code, and snap score placed right beside their username. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Increase Your Snapchat Score?

Do you want to increase your snap score fast? Doing this is pretty easy– all you have to do is simply be active on the Snapchat app by sending loads of snaps.

At this point, we would like to advise you against falling prey to third-party apps or programs that claim to help you increase your snap score. 

Unlike other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram that allow a third-party app access to help users grow their number of followers, Snap Inc., the company behind Snapchat doesn’t have this. 

So, no app, program, or human can help increase your Snap chat score overnight. Here are a few tips to drastically increase your snap score on your own: 

  1. Send and receive snaps: The best thing you can do to increase your average snap score is to send image snaps regularly. Ideally, try to send 20-50 snaps per day. You should also open unread snaps from your friends. When you open your friends’ one-on-one snaps, they too will open and engage with yours. 
  2. Share stories and view others’ stories: If you aren’t using the stories feature, you are missing out big time. Stories are one of the best ways to keep your friends up to date with your daily life. Those on your friend list love viewing your stories and you will get a lot of engagement when you snap to stories, which increases your popularity in the app. It also helps to watch other people’s stories.
  3. Watch discover videos: Who doesn’t want more video snaps on their feed? To get a ton of videos on your feed, be sure to regularly use your Discover tab. The more videos coming through, the more time you will spend on the app discovering other people’s content, which skyrockets your snap score.

As you can see, the best way to achieve a Snapchat score increase is to simply be active on the app. Users with the highest score share hundreds of snaps!

All in all, your Snapchat score can increase even if you do not open snaps but this will be slow progress. Sending snaps and attending to an unopened snap is the fastest and easiest way to increase your snap score and build a popular Snapchat profile.