Why did David Foster and Linda Thompson divorce?

Once upon a time, David Foster and Linda Thompson were some of the most sought-after celebrity couples in Hollywood. 

David was a celebrated music producer, and Linda was a beauty pageant winner. Both of them were good-looking, accomplished, and had a rather interesting dating history. They had each been married before and had children from those marriages.

They truly looked like the perfect couple from the outside, and people couldn’t stop talking about the iconic Linda Thompson David Foster wedding. But as David Foster’s ex-wife Linda Thompson said in her memoir, it was a nightmare for her. 

That was why Linda Thompson and David Foster officially parted ways in 2005, and even after having had three marriages in total, Linda called David her worst husband ever.

A History Of Linda Thompson’s Love Life

The 62-year-old’s relationships with her exes used to fit the description of a wonderful romance perfectly.

Her three great relationships were with legendary icons; Elvis Presley, Caitlyn Jenner, and David Foster.

Elvis Presley

Linda met the music icon at a Memphis movie screening, where he invited her personally. As soon as they saw each other, it was love at first sight. After this, the most dreamy romance of their lives began, and they liked to be around each other 24/7. 

But after Linda got married to Elvis, his habit of abusing prescription drugs got worse. It got to a point where Linda had no choice but to leave him.

Caitlyn Jenner

The beauty queen married Bruce Jenner in 1981. At that time, he was a legendary athlete. Together, they had two sons, Brody Jenner and Brandon Jenner. Bruce always told Linda that he was a woman in a man’s body. His statement always confused her.

Then one day, he greeted her in a woman’s dress, wig, and makeup. Linda Jenner knew her marriage was over, but then she gained a best friend in Caitlyn Jenner. 

After Linda, Bruce married reality star Kris Jenner, with whom he has two daughters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. Bruce was also like a father figure to Kris’s other children, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Rob Kardashian.

David Foster

Linda married David Foster in 1991. Out of all of her marriages, she said she put the most effort into her relationship with Foster.

They were married for fourteen years but never had any children. David raised Linda’s sons, Brandon and Brody Jenner, when he was with her. At that time, they lived in a mansion that didn’t have any room for their own children. As Linda later revealed, their marriage was far from perfect.

Linda Thompson and David Foster

What Are the Reasons Linda Thompson and David Foster Got Divorced?

Her music mogul husband liked to be treated like a king by his wife and wanted her to devote her life to him. Even with everything, nothing was guaranteed with David, as he didn’t like to be tied down.

Finally, David Foster and Linda Thompson divorced for several reasons:

Differences in Expectations

Linda Thompson mentioned in her memoir that David Foster had regressive beliefs about women. He expected his wife to cater to him, wanting to be treated more like a king than a husband or father.

Linda described her experience with Foster as living with someone who wanted to be served and taken care of, emphasizing his desire for her to handle house chores and other domestic responsibilities.


David Foster was described as being “jealous” of Linda Thompson’s exes. He had set boundaries regarding Linda’s mentioning her ex-partners, especially Elvis Presley. Foster also wasn’t comfortable with Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner visiting his children, who lived with Linda.


Linda Thompson, in her writings, hinted at the challenges of their marriage, suggesting that even with her efforts, nothing was guaranteed with David. She portrayed him as someone who didn’t like to be tied down and had a tendency to avoid commitment when faced with challenges.

These reasons, combined with other personal dynamics, led to the end of their marriage.

A History Of David Foster’s Love Life

In the last five decades, the music legend has gotten married five times. After separating from him, each of his ex-wives has complained about him being controlling and uncooperative.

In an interview, he called himself a “runner.” Even before he got married, David had a child, which he and the child’s mother put up for adoption as soon as she was born. Her name was later identified as Allison Jones Foster.

B.J. Cook

David’s first wife was singer and writer B.J. Cook. He got married to her in 1972, and they had a child together. Their daughter, Amy, said she never had much of a relationship. Amy only started meeting David later in life, but she still has no connection to her other siblings. 

She once said that she had ten siblings. Still, she is an only child. She even recalled not being invited to any of their birthday parties.

Rebecca Dyer

Foster and B.J. divorced in 1981, and he got married to Rebecca Dyer in 1992. They were married for four years and had three daughters; Sara, Jordan, and Erin Foster. They also had the same complaints about David as Amy had. 

He wasn’t a present father for his biological children but raised his stepchildren with partners and wives. 

Sara and Erin recently appeared on the sibling podcast with Olive and Kate Hudson, in which they talked in detail about their relationship with David and his other children. 

They both confessed to resenting David for a long time for not giving them enough in their childhood. Their issue was being perceived as rich, spoiled brats, but the reality was very different. David had told them they wouldn’t have to worry about food and shelter, but they weren’t the ones living on his 22-acre Malibu estate.

Linda Thompson

Yolanda Hadid

After separating from Linda, David found his life partner in Yolanda. When Yolanda Foster starred in “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills,” she proudly stated that her husband is the king of the house. She talked about how she loved being able to cater to his every need and called that the reason behind her successful marriage. They stayed married for four years and eventually filed for divorce in 2015. 

They also didn’t have any kids of their own. David was the stepfather of her three children from her previous marriage with Mohamed Hadid, Gigi, Bella, and Anwar. 

Yolanda had said that David left her because she got sick with Lyme disease. 

Katherine McPhee

Currently, the 71-year-old music star is happily married to Katherine McPhee. They recently celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary. 

While much has been said about David Foster’s relationship with Linda Thompson, his marriage to Katharine McPhee offers a fresh perspective on his approach to relationships.

When they got married, a few people raised their eyebrows at their 35-year age difference. This didn’t bother them, and in June 2021, they welcomed their first child, a baby boy, Rennie David Foster. 

Despite their significant age difference, the couple has managed to build a strong bond. Katharine’s proactive approach to addressing challenges in their relationship, combined with their shared love for music, has been the foundation of their union.

Their recent collaborations, including an EP of holiday classics, showcase their harmonious personal and professional relationship.