Who Is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man?

Call Her Daddy fans know first-hand just how private Alex Cooper is about her romantic relationships, which is kind of weird given that the entire premise of her super popular podcast is based on, well…romantic relationships.

Cooper has been in a relationship since 2020 with a new man she identified only as Mr Sexy Zoom Man. It has been close to two years now, and the podcast host has succeeded in keeping the identity of the man in her life tightly under wraps.

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As expected, the internet has since been going crazy asking just who is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man?

Well, some fans seem to have figured it all out, but for now, it is all speculation, as Cooper herself hasn’t confirmed or denied her man’s identity.

So, Who Is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man?

Alexandra “Alex” Cooper sent the internet on a roll when, back in 2020, she introduced her new boyfriend as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. She’s been gushing over him ever since, but she’s also successfully kept her beau a mystery.

The popular podcast host has always used nicknames or code names such as Slim Shady (possibly Noah Syndergaard), Door #3, and Red Sox to refer to her mysterious lovers and exes. Now, it’s Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, and the more she keeps him a mystery, the more her fans find ways to uncover the man behind the Zoom name.

So, just who is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man?

Well, rumor has it that the mysterious Sexy Zoom Man is Mathew Kaplan, popularly known as Matt Kaplan.

Fans on Twitter and Reddit have done their own investigation work on Cooper’s personal life and have mainly used two theories to conclude that Cooper and Kaplan are dating.

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The first theory is that the Call Her Daddy host pointed out that her new boyfriend is a movie producer.

Well, Matthew Kaplan is a renowned movie producer for popular films such as Body Cam, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Tim Cut, and Are You Afraid of the Dark, among others. Matt is the CEO of Ace Entertainment, a top-tier entertainment company.

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan’s Dog Is a Major Hint

The second theory pointing to Cooper and Kaplan possibly being together is Zoom Man’s dog, Henry.

It is a well-known fact that Henry isn’t Cooper’s dog, even though she has posted numerous pictures of him on her socials. Alex also introduced Henry Cooper through her podcast.

Fans believe Kaplan is Mr. Sexy Zoom Man because he has also been showcasing a similar dog as the one Cooper has been showing off on social media.

In fact, Ace Entertainment, which, as mentioned, is Kaplan’s company, tweeted a picture of Henry and said it belonged to their CEO, Matt Kaplan. Henry, the dog, also appeared in one of Kaplan’s famed movies, “To All the Boys.”

Oh, something else that shouldn’t go unnoticed is the fact that on Matt Kaplan’s IMDb profile it states that Alexandra Cooper is his “spouse.” The film producer was once married to Australian actress Claire Holt but the pair divorced in April 2017, exactly one year after tying the knot.

What Does Mr. Sexy Zoom Man Mean?

According to Alexander Cooper, she and her current partner met on Zoom for a business meeting at the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The popular podcast host says his personality immediately swept her off her feet. Soon after that first meeting, the two met face-to-face for dinner at the American producer’s hometown, Los Angeles, and as they say, the rest is history.

Speaking with Bustle about their romantic life, the 28-year-old celebrity host said her new lover was way better than her exes. She went on to explain how Mr. Zoom man was respectful of her career and understood why she wanted to keep their relationship private, which was a major issue in her previous relationships.

The Boston University alum said she would try as hard as possible to talk to fans about her relationship while keeping their private life well under wraps and not unveiling her man’s true identity.