Which Actress Won an Oscar and a Razzie in the Same Year?

The word “Razzie” is a very common yet unwanted term in the showbiz industry. In case you don’t know, winning a Razzie is like telling the world that you did a whacky job in acting, producing, or directing a movie. Also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, the Razzie award show was created as a parody to the acclaimed Academy awards, aka Oscars.

Everything about it (including the statuette itself, which costs approximately $4.75), is symbolic of dishonor. The purpose of the award show is to encourage film stakeholders to “own their dad” and do better next time.

Obviously, no one enjoys being handed a Razzie but unfortunately, a number of A-listers and films have clinched the dishonoring award over the years. The worst part about earning a Razzie is that it typically takes place night before the Academy Award show.

This means you can walk the walk of shame today as you earn your Razzie and stroll confidently the following day towards your Oscar prize.

Many famous names have had the experience of winning both awards, including Halle Berry, Brian Helgeland, and Allan Menken but Sandra Bullock simply stands out from the list.

Sandra Bullock

The beauty clinched both titles in one year, actually one weekend in 2010.

Bullock’s Oscar Win

Unless you’ve been tucked away in a land with no internet connection or electricity, the name should Sandra Bullock strike a chord in your brain. The 55-year-old has been acting since 1987 and has enjoyed a successful acting career since then. You may remember the Hollywood beauty through her roles in leading films such as Speed, The Blind Side, Gravity, and The Proposal.

Bullock is lucky enough to have been nominated for an Oscar for her role in The Blind Side in 2010, which she ended up being the winner. The movie star played the role of a suburban mom who houses a black teen and stimulates a football career in The Blind Side. Winning the award was a life-changing moment for Sandra Bullock who took her acting career seriously after that.

Sandra’s Razzie Win

Although Sandra is a naturally gifted actress, her role in All About Steve revealed otherwise. She clinched not one but two Razzies in 2010 for the same movie—one for The Worst Actress category and Worst On-Screen Couple, which she shared with Radley Cooper.

This makes her the only actress to date to have had the unique experience of getting both awards in a single weekend. To lighten the moment, the star took to the podium and made a few remarks telling her fans they should read her lines better than she can.

Sandra Bullock may have won a Razzie but her good successes in other films certainly shine brighter. She is still remembered for being the highest-paid actor in both 2010 and 2014 and being named the most beautiful woman by People Magazine. Her acting and directing prowess in countless other films simply outshines any of her failures.