This Is What Really Happened to Lulu on General Hospital

One of the things that makes General Hospital such a hit, despite entertaining audiences for decades, is the arches, surprising storylines, heart-wrenching suspense, and, of course, the engaging characters we’ve all come to love.

One such character is Lulu, whose role has been portrayed by quite a number of actresses since 1994. But as of December 2020, Lulu Spencer had been missing in action. Fans have wondered what happened to her and whether her role will be back on air again.

Well, we have some good news! Read on for the inside story on exactly what happened to Lulu in General Hospital and what to expect from your favorite daytime soap opera.

Who is Lulu Spencer on General Hospital?

The fictional character, Lulu Spencer, is the only biological child and daughter of the leading characters, Luke Spencer and Laura Spencer, on ABC’s General Hospital.

Her role was introduced in 1994 and played by several child actors before she was sent away, supposedly for her safety.

Fast forward to 2005, when child actress Tessa Allen played Lulu’s role before being replaced by Julie Marie Berman. When Berman was cast, Lulu Spencer was a somewhat rebellious teen, and she played the beloved character until 2013, when Emme Rylan succeeded her.

Rylan, who bears a strong resemblance to Berman, played the role of Lulu until the end of 2020 when she suddenly exited the show, and Lulu’s storyline ended with her being in a coma after a tragic shooting incident.

From the time she was a teenager into her young adult life, Lulu knew how to get herself in trouble. Her beauty and charm captivated many men, including Damian Spinelli, Logan Hayes, Johnny Zacchara, Scott Baldwin, and even her own stepbrother, Dillon Quartermaine.

Drama, bitter-sweet romances, and tragedy punctuate Lulu’s storyline throughout the show. From her ex-boyfriend, Logan, getting killed to being the first on-screen character to procure an abortion to her tumultuous marriage with Dante Falconeri, there was always something controversial happening in Lulu’s life.

Julie Berman, who portrayed Lulu Spencer from 2005 to 2013, won not one but two Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Young Actress in a Drama Series and another one for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Not only does she play a key role in General Hospital, but Lulu is also a much-loved and admired character who brings plenty of pizzazz to the long-running show.

How Did Lulu Leave General Hospital?

In December 2020, the producers of General Hospital ‘’cut’’ Lulu’s character and storyline by putting her in a coma.

In the series, Lulu was involved in a tragic shooting incident that left her for dead. Luckily, she survived but was in critical condition and fell into a prolonged coma, putting her storyline on pause.

The coma also meant that we no longer saw Emme Rylan, who played Lulu. So what happened to Lulu Spencer on General Hospital? Was Emmy Rylan fired from the show?

The Real Reason Lulu’s Role Was Written Off From General Hospital

There is no doubt that Emme Rylan’s portrayal of Lulu was perfect, making her a favorite among the show’s fans. So, when Rylan went missing, her absence was very noticeable.

Is it true that Emmy Rylan got fired from GH?

When Lulu’s storyline transitioned into her falling into a coma, rumors made the rounds that GH producers had fired Rylan or that the actress had quit the show suddenly.

Well, none of that is true!

The real reason we haven’t seen Emme Rylan is because her contract with the long-running series ended and wasn’t immediately renewed.

Rylan took to Instagram to explain her absence to fans. It turns out that she did not choose to leave General Hospital.

“I was informed that I would be taken off the contract, and therefore they would put my character into a comma. I wasn’t told anything else, but if they invited me, I would come back,” she stated.

Rylan also added that she loved her colleagues, whom she refers to as her GH family.

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There are many possible reasons why Emme’s contract was terminated that have nothing to do with her acting abilities.

Budget considerations could be a major reason. With so many competing daytime shows and a general decrease in television viewership, it’d be hardly surprising if General Hospital is struggling with a tight budget. So cutting out roles and, therefore, actors and actresses could be one way to minimize the costs of running the show.

Aside from the financial aspect, it could also be that the series producers are exploring various storylines for Lulu’s character. It could be that Lulu’s storyline has stagnated and the show’s creators are considering new narratives to keep the audience engaged.

In the end, decisions about cast members lie with the producers. These decision-makers have to consider financial, creative, and strategic factors when deciding which direction to steer the show.

Is Lulu Returning to General Hospital?

When Emmy Rylan’s character was terminated, she moved to St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband and children for a slower, more relaxed suburban life.

However, it looks like Lulu, portrayed by Emmy Rylan, will make a comeback to General Hospital!

Laura and Valentin, who had been missing for several weeks, returned to Port Charles. We see them checking out the Cassadine villa but fail to locate Nikola, whom fans suspect is in Pautauk.

Lulu also makes a surprising and much-awaited appearance when her ex-husband, Dante, brings their daughter, Charlotte, to visit Lulu at the hospital. The most exciting part is that Dante suggested that Lulu had been moved from the specialty burn unit to the general hospital.

We’re already dying of suspense! Does this mean Lulu is on her way to full recovery and will return to our screens?

Yes, there is a possibility that we will see Lulu again soon, and by the look of things, Emme Rylan may also return to reprise her character, although it’s not a done deal yet.

Addressing rumors of her return to the show, Rylan posted, “I am receiving approximately one million messages asking if Lulu will wake up. The bottom line is, I have made it clear to GH that I am available to portray Lulu if she wants to wake up.”

She added, “When they want to wake her up, they will call. That’s all I know, and so far, I have not heard from them.”

Rylan has put off addressing questions about Lulu’s return, cautious not to ruin the show’s storyline. For now, all we can do is wait and see and cross our fingers that Lulu (and, of course, Emme Rylan) will return to our favorite daytime show.