What does Tanner Tolbert do for a living?

Tanner Tolbert is the ideal reality star. He is relatable, charming, and quite blessed in the looks department.

He first appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s The Bachelorette season, and despite gaining a loyal following, he was sent home before the finale.

Thanks to his fans, he was invited to star in Bachelor in Paradise on huge popular demand by the network. In that show, Tanner got lucky and met his soulmate, a former playboy model Jade Roper. They won season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise and are still together to this day.

Tanner Tolbert’s Job

You might be shocked to know, but Tanner is one of those few celebrity contestants who had a real job before he got on The Bachelorette.

Tanner was a general sales manager back in his hometown, working at Legends Toyota. Tanner didn’t participate in switching his career paths. He didn’t even leave his job after he signed up for The Bachelorette. During his stint on both of these shows, he only took a temporary leave from his daytime job.

Tolbert graduated from the University of Kansas in 2010 and began his career as a sales consultant soon after. His first job was with Steve Tolbert Suzuki. After this, he worked at McCarthy Auto Group, and eventually, he got hired by Legends Honda in 2013. His manager fully supported him throughout his reality TV era. No wonder he still loves working there!

In 2016, Tolbert was promoted to Financial manager. That year he was expecting her first child with Jade and wanted to be financially well to provide for his family.

Tanner even got the most out of the brand deals. He and Jade even charged around $1 million for one sponsored post on their social media platform. Despite their success, he still believes a career in reality television isn’t very sustainable, and he doesn’t want to take any risks. 

The Story Of Tanner & Jade Roper Tolbert

Tanner and Jade Roper were a couple, and fans couldn’t stop shipping in the second season of BIP. After the show ended, Tanner proposed Jade with one of the biggest engagement rings you’ll ever see. 

Fans saw those beautiful engagement photos and knew that these two people were meant to be together forever.

Their relationship has crossed many milestones since then, and today they are proud parents of three. 

The couple got married on Valentine’s Day in 2016. The main incentive of coming on these reality shows is to become a known face to get brand deals. Tolbert and Rope used this to their maximum advantage and are the wealthiest contestant couple of the show. 

When they welcomed their first child, Emmy, their Instagram feeds were filled with #ads. They took adorable shots of their children and made fans a part of this new chapter in their life.

In an interview, the Kansas City native revealed he was the one that pushed Jade into signing a lot of brand deals especially related to motherhood. 

Jade was a little hesitant as she wanted to use her social media platform only to connect with fans and keep it mostly organic. 

There is no doubt that Tanner made the right decision. Today, every celebrity uses social media to promote their brand deals, and every social media influencer uploads sponsored posts. 

After their children were born, Tolberts upped their game by posting exclusive photos and charged a furtune to the brands.

New Mansion In Southern California

It is the result of their timely strategies that now they live in a big mansion. They have recently sold their house, located in the community of Oak Farms in San Juan Capistrano. 

Hannah Rodriguez of Realm Design Co had decorated the home. It had a gourmet kitchen, breakfast bar, retractable overhead awning, double ovens, master suite, an opulent bathroom with a walk-in shower, spacious guest suite, and quartz counters. 

They bought their new house in Orange County for $3 million, and it is even more luxurious than their old house. Their Southern California house has a saltwater pool, master closet, artificial turf, five-and-a-half bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen, and much more.