The Most Expensive Divorces in Sports

When an average couple considers a divorce, they aim to find the most comfortable, fastest, and streamlined way to deal with their relationship issues.

Divorcees dwell on whether to get a divorce online, manage the process without legal representation, and seek amicable resolutions to minimize potential losses.

In the world of celebrities, situations may unfold differently. They often invest significant time and resources in outdoing each other or enhancing their public image through personal matters. While this isn’t a universal truth for all famous couples, such scenarios are not uncommon.

Explore the most costly divorce cases among sports celebrities to glean insights from their experiences and ensure a smooth and hassle-free dissolution of your own relationships.

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy

Famous NBA player Michael Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy for about 17 years. They have three kids together.

Their split became one of the costliest celebrity divorces in sports history. In 2002, they announced their plan to divorce but later considered getting back together. However, they couldn’t fix their relationship and ended up divorcing in 2006, with a settlement of $168 million.

RankAthleteSpouseSettlement AmountYear of Divorce
1Jeff BezosMacKenzie Scott$38 billion2019
2Tiger WoodsElin Nordegren$100 million2010
3Michael JordanJuanita Vanoy$168 million2006
4Michael StrahanJean Muggli$15.3 million2006
5Greg NormanLaura Andrassy$103 million2007
6Steve NashAlejandra Amarilla$5 million2011
7Frank McCourtJamie McCourt$131 million2010
8Lionel MessiAntonella Roccuzzo$50 million2020
9Kobe BryantVanessa Bryant$75 million2011
10Alex RodriguezCynthia Scurtis$12 million2008

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

An American golf legend Tiger Woods got married to Elin Nordenger in 2004, and they had two children together. Their marriage didn’t last long when it was revealed in 2009 that Tiger had cheated on Elin multiple times.

Tiger and Elin ended their marriage in 2010 due to adultery on the part of Tiger Woods. The real settlement sum was never disclosed, but rumor has it that Tiger’s ex received a whopping number between $100 and $750 million. Not bad for 6 years of marriage!

Frank and Jamie McCourt

Former co-owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club, Frank and Jamie McCourt, also have their place on the top expensive sports divorces list. Things got pretty messy because there wasn’t a pre-marriage contract to help sort out problems between the two sides.

Frank and Jamie couldn’t find a compromise on the division of the assets, especially on the club ownership, so the process was long-lasting and turbulent. Ultimately, Frank was given ownership of the Dodgers team, and the divorce was settled for about $130 million in 2009.

Greg Norman and Laura Andrassy

Renowned Australian golfer Greg Norman shared a 25-year marriage with Laura Andrassy, along with two children. Their union came to an abrupt halt amid suspicions of Greg’s infidelity.

Despite efforts, the couple couldn’t reconcile and ultimately divorced with a $103 settlement. The dissolution of their marriage in 2006 was primarily attributed to Greg’s indiscretions.

Deion and Pilar Sanders

Ex-NFL icon Deion Sanders was wedded to Pilar for 14 years, during which they had three children, before their separation.

The proceedings were tumultuous and rife with animosity as both parties leveled accusations of abuse and infidelity. Ultimately, the division of assets favored Deion, granting him the marital home and additional property.

The custody dispute proved complex, but Deion emerged victorious, securing greater rights to care for their children. In total, the Sanders’ settlement amounted to roughly $50 million, making their divorce one of the most costly among sports celebrities.

Boris Becker and Barbara Feltus

Acclaimed German tennis athlete Boris Becker and his former spouse Barbara Feltus shared a nine-year marriage and had two children. Amidst allegations of infidelity leveled against Boris, the couple dissolved their union in 2000. While their divorce settlement did not reach the staggering sums of other high-profile cases, it still amounted to a considerable fortune.

Boris Becker and Feltus ended their marriage officially for $14 million, with adultery on Boris’s part as the main reason for their divorce.

Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Scott

Though neither Jeff Bezos nor Mackenzie Scott are sports stars, their divorce holds a prominent place among the most expensive splits in history.

The dissolution of the renowned couple’s marriage is said to have surpassed all previous records in terms of cost. After approximately twenty-five years together, the then-richest man in the world and his wife chose to separate in 2019.

With no prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place, Mackenzie received half of Jeff’s fortune as the CEO of Amazon. Consequently, she emerged as the wealthiest woman globally, and their divorce gained notoriety for its unparalleled value. The total worth of their settlement reached around $130 billion, with $60 billion allotted to Mackenzie Scott.


Every divorce case is unique, and every couple chooses their approach and best-fitting scenario to deal with their situation with the most success. The stories of top expensive divorces can teach an average divorcee to be considerate about their own private life and get prepared for any possible outcomes.

Consider safeguarding your interests with a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. In the event of a marriage dissolution, strive for a harmonious resolution, enlist the assistance of seasoned professionals, and dedicated efforts to ensure optimal outcomes for all parties involved in the divorce proceedings.