Madonna in 2022: What is She Doing Now?

Madonna Louise Ciccone first broke onto the scene back in the 80s with a hit song Holliday. Her next album, Like A Virgin, is one of her most famous. Early on, she wanted to be known and memorable, so she became an influential figure in music andfashion.

Later in the 80s, she recorded Like A Prayer, and its video was controversial and protested against by religious figures.

That never stopped her. It only showed her that she was on the right path. To this day, she’s still unmatched by many contemporary artists who want to look like her. Later in life, she started acting and even won a Golden Globe for her leading role in Evita. Read on and find out what she’s up to these days.

A Brand New Look That Surprised Her Fans

She’s known for her transformations during the decades. Almost like a chameleon, she changed her appearance. Earlier in the year, in April, Madonna shocked her fans with what appears to be botox overuse. It was hard to find the real Madonna under swollen face and eyes. It looks like the Queen of Pop went a little too far in her quest to look young as long as possible. 

Even though she went overboard regarding her face, she remains one of the most stylish musicians ever. She keeps up with new fashion trends yet remains true to herself and her style. She reinvented herself and became Madame X, a person who doesn’t shy away when showing her attributes and body in general.

What About Her Personal Life?

Madonna probably doesn’t use dating websites where people request “rich sugar momma near me“ despite their popularity among wealthy ladies. Women who meet younger guys through live chat on sugar dating sites are successful, but they aren’t Madonna. Even though many of them are very similar to her and have the same sexy and wild vibe.

As a mother of 6, finding a partner who could handle her and her kids was difficult. Her last relationship started in 2018, even though she met him in 2015. He is Madonna’s backup dancer Ahlamalik Williams, almost 40 years younger than her.

The couple lasted for nearly 4 years and she definitely could be perceived as a sugar mama in this relationship (like in many others). And after the breakup, Madonna threw herself into work, recording new material, and taking care of her big family.

For now, she’s single, but who knows if she has somebody in her life. Having 6 children takes a lot of free time, even if you are Madonna. Maybe she’s taking some time off from dating, being in the middle of co-writing a movie about herself. All we know for now is that Julia Garner will play Madonna. 

Madonna is no amateur in directing. She’s done it several times and even received an Oscar nomination for the movie W.E. for Best Achievement in Costume Design. Fingers crossed to see Little Sparrow soon, a working title (for now).

Madonna’s Activities and Plans

Even though Madonna is almost 7 decades old, she looks and moves like she’s still a teenager. That’s not a big surprise, since she was a very active dancer and entertainer when younger.

Throughout the years, Madonna continued to nourish her body. But when she reached a certain age, it was evident that she was chasing her youth. In the 2000s, she made a music video for Hung Up where she showcased what she’s capable of, and she’s capable of many things.

We don’t know much about her diet, but we doubt that she eats once a day like these celebrities. We know she eats balanced, organic food and enjoys freshly made juice. Staying in shape is hard and takes a lot of effort.

Madonna’s workout routines include dance, resistance training, Pilates, aerobics, yoga, and athletic conditioning. She admits to working out 4 to 5 hours each day. She works out at home or at the gym, and we can only be in awe of her dedication and commitment. 

Being almost 70 and still rocking on, Madonna shows that age is just a number. It’s irrelevant how old you are; all that matters is to be true to yourself and live by your own rules. Add a few hours of exercise every day, and you’re halfway to becoming a bit like Madonna.