Jason From Smothered – What Does He Do For A Living?

If you’ve been following the TLC reality TV show sMothered for a while now, you’re probably caught between guilt-tripping yourself for watching such a ridiculous program and being super entertained all at the same time!

So many questions have come up since the reality series premiered in June 2019.  A recurring one concerns Angelica Michaux’s baby daddy, Jason Ihle—is he a full-time reality TV star?

He’s been spotted at technology conferences, so is that his line of work? What exactly does Jason from sMothered do for a living?

Despite being on a television show, Jason is incredibly private and knowing anything about his life other than what we see on the screen is hard.

But we did some digging and discovered a bit about who Jason is and how he earns an income to provide for his family. Read on for the insider details!

Meet the Mother Duo: Sunhe and Angelica Michaux

With an Instagram username name that reads Big Spoon Little Spoon, it is safe to say that Sunhe and her adult daughter, Angelica, are extremely close.

When we first met the duo in the first season of the series, fans were dismayed by their bathtime routine in which Angelica bathed in her mother’s used bathwater, calling it a show of trust.

Perhaps the most shocking bit was that these two grown women share a bed despite each having their own bedroom.

Let’s not even mention the idea of Sunhe showing up at her daughter’s date nights with her boyfriend, Jason Ihle!

Sunhe’s life-sized personality, perfectionism, and need for control have seen her take over every little detail of her daughter’s relationship with Ihle.

From witnessing Jason’s divorce proceedings to insisting on living with the couple indefinitely and even outrageously implying that she is a mother and not just a grandmother to Jason and Angelica’s daughter, Amara, Sunhe has done it all.

Who Is Jason Ihle?

While sMothered is all about the mother-daughter shenanigans, we also see the people in their lives and how the unusually close relationship impacts them.

Husbands, fiancés, boyfriends, and even siblings are looped in and affected, one way or the other, by the inseparable mother-daughter pair. At least Jason Ihle sure is.

It’s clear that Ihle loves his fiancé, Angelica, but his mother-in-law, who moved in, interferes with all aspects of their lives and will especially not give Jason a break.

So, what’s Jason’s background?

Well, whoever said reality television cannot go hand in hand with privacy was wrong! Just ask Jason from sMothered.

Jason Ihle appears to have no social media accounts from where we’d perhaps learn more about his personal life. Aside from what we see on sMothered, not much else is known about Ihle’s private life. Of course, we know he is in a relationship with Angelica Michaux, with whom they share a daughter, Amara.

While it is clear that Angelica has Asian roots, fans have wondered about Jason’s ancestry. If you suspect he has a bit of Asian in him, you might be right. Someone who appears to be his former classmate left a comment on a rare photo Jason posted on Facebook, saying that Ihle still has the same looks as the Japanese kid who used to be his roommate.

As of now, we cannot verify that Jason is indeed Japanese, nor is information about his parents’ ancestry available.

Ihle’s life on sMothered revolves around his relationship with Angelica, but he’s been married. An issue that led to a lot of head-butting with his girlfriend and Sunhe was the fact that he was still married while dating Angelica and was seemingly dragging his feet to finalize the divorce from his estranged wife.

There is also a chance that he has another child, likely with his estranged wife. In one of his rare Facebook posts, he had put up a photo of himself and a small child, and the caption suggested that that was his son.

The fact that he might have another child, aside from Amara, doesn’t come up on the TLC show. However, this doesn’t mean Jason is hiding his son; understandably, he doesn’t talk about that part of his life because the show is about him, Angelica, their daughter and his mother-in-law, Sunhe.

What Does Jason From sMothered Do For Work?

Another aspect shrouded in mystery is what Jason from sMothered does for a living. One thing we know for sure is that the TLC show is his first and only TV show experience. He likely isn’t depending on the pay from the show to sustain his life and that of his young family.

According to his mostly inactive Facebook account, Ihle describes himself as a Public Relations representative. He, however, does not mention the company he works at, so that’s as much as we can reveal here.

Going by his previous Facebook posts, Jason is also a tech enthusiast. In the past, he’s posted about tech gadgets and even shared pictures of himself at one of the world’s largest technology conferences held by the Consumer Technology Association.

Although we do not know much outside of what we see on sMothered, Jason appears to be doing well. We can safely conclude that Jason Ihle has a good job in the Public Relations or technology fields.

Is sMothered Scripted?

There is no doubt that the mother-daughter relationships on sMothered are outrageous at best.

Having a close bond with your adult child is one thing, but going as far as showering with them or deciding how they interact with their significant others is bizarre.

This kind of outrageousness has led people to question whether sMothered on TLC is scripted. It’s hard to imagine some of these things happening in real life.

An Instagram account going by the name smotheredisfake and supposedly run by an investigative journalism student calls out the reality television show for casting actresses, albeit bad ones, to make the series appear real.

One commenter claimed to have worked with Angelica, who was always trying to pursue a career in acting. So, when the opportunity came to film sMothered in Las Vegas, she and her mother grabbed it.

Obviously, this Instagram has fewer than 1000 followers and is not authoritative in any way. But there might be some truth in the cloud of rumors that some parts of the TLC show are scripted.